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Check the box below if you accept the term and condition written HERE* Acknowledgment of Agreement COMPANY agrees to Lease the Vehicle to LESSEE during the term of this Agreement for use by LESSEE to provide Taxicab Service The Vehicle which may be modified from time to time by the company and shall be treated as part of this Agreement for all purposes Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement with respect to Damage to the Vehicle for which LESSEE responsible for, COMPANY also Agrees to provide necessary maintenance and repairs with respect to the Vehicle at no charge to LESSEE, and LESSEE agrees to return the Vehicle to COMPANY for necessary maintenance and repairs Upon reasonable notice, LESSEE agrees to make the Vehicle available for inspection, repairs, or maintenance, as deemed necessary by COMPANY. LESSEE further agrees to notify COMPANY of any mechanical problems with the Vehicle. In the event The Vehicle becomes inoperable because of maintenance or repair Requirements, a vehicle of similar type and quality to the vehicle may be substituted by COMPANY. LESSEE is responsible for payment of the cost of all fuel used while she/he is operating the Vehicle, and may purchase such fuel from the vendor of His/her choice provided that such fuel satisfies the manufacturer's Specifications. As between COMPANY and LESSEE, LESSEE is also responsible for payment of all parking fees, tolls, fines, penalties, and other Expenses incurred while s/he is operating, or has parked the Vehicle. COMPANY agrees to furnish LESSEE with an applicable operating permit or operating authority authorizing operation of the Vehicle. Lessee agrees that such permit or authority is owned by COMPANY, must be returned to COMPANY upon termination of this Agreement, and may be used only in Connection with LESSEE's operation of the Vehicle as provided for this Agreement. LESSEEā€™s responsible for physical damage to the vehicle caused by negligence. COMPANY agrees to lease the Vehicle to LESSEE for the fees set by the company. LESSEE recognizes and agrees to pay any late fee equal to the amount posted By COMPANY If no amount is posted on the due date COMPANY may require LESSEE to pay $20 late fee weekly until the account is current, The company may require full amount on the account if the agreement is bleach also LESSE AGREE she/ he may responsible for all legal fee. Term Of this Agreement period is one year after the expiration, Cancellation or termination of this Agreement, may disclose to any person, firm, or Corporation, or any other entity, any confidential information Concerning the business affairs of COMPANY which LESSEE may have Acquired in the course of or as incidental to LESSEE's performance Hereunder. LESSEE agrees to pay COMPANY for all damages, including Reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred by COMPANY resulting from any violation of the requirements, including but not limited to legal costs and fees incurred in obtaining injunctive relief.
Check the box below if you accept the term and condition written HERE**
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